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Instagram Auto likes and views. Read below

We offer the best Instagram services. Simply the best all around packages for your social media services. The packages you see on our site and the CHEAPEST prices you'll find. We provide Instagram auto likes and auto views which we recommend 100%.

This service gets you likes or views for everything you post for 1 full month.

So you can post 100+ photos per month and you will get likes on every single one of those photos. 

We recommend this because you won't have to keep coming back to order likes. You simply order the package you want for 1 month and we do the rest of the work.

We provide

- REAL & High quality Instagram followers

- REAL Instagram likes

- REAL Instagram views

- REAL Instagram comments

- Instagram mentions to attract more people

Quality is important for all social media services.

Our Instagram followers are from REAL accounts and people. Some may be active and engage with your content.

We suggest getting an Instagram auto likes package combined with the followers service for maximum exposure.

FAQ for Instagram services


Q: Do the followers drop over time?

      A: Our followers DO NOT drop. IF they ever do within 1 month, we do give free replacement.

Q: Will Instagram notice that I bought followers?

A: No, Instagram will NOT notice you bought followers since they are real.

Q: Can I get banned for buying followers?

A: No, thousands of people buy followers daily and Instagram won't even notice.

We provide

- REAL Youtube NON DROP Subscribers

- REAL Youtube Likes NON DROP

- High quality youtube views with 90% watchtime on the video.


As some of you know, lately, youtube has been cutting down on fake subs and getting rid of them from people's channel. We provide High quality NON DROP subs that stay forever. No matter the updates youtube has, the subs will always stay. It's best used for if people want to get the 1,000 subs to be eligible for monetization


FAQ for Youtube services


Q: Will the youtube views go away after a while?

A: No, the views likes, and subs always stay. No matter what update youtube has.

Q: Can I reach monetization with your views service?

A: The answer is YES, our views have 80-90% watch time which is amazing. You can reach your 4000 watch time hours fast. (Depending on the amount of views you get)